Dakelh (ᑕᗸᒡ)

Nedut’en / Witsuwit'en

Nadleh Whut'en

The Nadleh Whut'en are located in the Central Interior of British Columbia at the east end of Fraser Lake. Most of the 419 members reside in Nadleh, the main community, while others live in Lejac. Nadleh is located along the banks of the Nadleh River between Fraser Lake and the Nechako River. Lejac is located on the south side of Fraser Lake, on the site of the former Lejac Residential School.

Hagwilget Village

"The village name of Tse-kya signifies base of rock in the Wet'suwet'en language. It has also been call Hagwilget as its is known in Gitksan, meaning place of the quiet people. Tse-kya is located in central British Columbia about two hundred miles or three hundred twenty five kilometers inland from the coast. It and the area to the east and south comprise the territories of the Wet'suwet'en."[[quoted from]]


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