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Story of the naked people Nisg̱a’a
K’eex̱kw Herbert Morvan’s Nisg̱a’a name. Nisg̱a’a
weyt-k hello Secwepemctsín
weyt-kp hello (to more than one) Secwepemctsín
ʔaq̓am (St. Mary's Band) literally translates as "deep dense woods" Ktunaxa
ʔakink̓umǂasnuqǂiʔit Tobacco Plains Band Ktunaxa
Ktunaxa Ktunaxa
ʔakisq̓nuk "place of two lakes" (Columbia Lake Band) Ktunaxa
yaqan nuʔkiy Lower Kootenay Band: literally means "where the rock stands." Ktunaxa
&Ⱡuiⱡ wolf Chinuk Wawa