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Language Needs Assessment: LNA3328 - Semiahmoo First Nation

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We would hope that a tutorial program, dictionary, videos, educational teaching modules, books, lesson plans etc being developed by one of the other Sencoten Language authority nations would be complete sometime in the near future for use by the other Sencoten Language authority nations, school districts - preschool or headstart programs, adult education, etc Opportunity to apply for funding to upgrade telecommunications for improved access to video or Skype to be able to participate in programs in the other communiites Sencoten Language Authority would work together to make a plan to accommodate Semiahmoo Language Learners We have a large child population that would be great to start the whole community - whether they live on or off reserve - through a tutuorial program or through internet access - no matter where they live.
Distance from Mainland to Vancouver Island posses time challenge, financial challenge for travel and accommodation - either way. EX> for students to travel to Van. Is. to attend mtgs, classes and also for any Teachers, assistants, speakers to travel to Semiahmoo to provide instruction Distance education challenges - infrastructure and capital funds to purchase computer/technological equipment and telecommunication to communicate from mainland to Vancouver island Financial challenges for funds to pay instructors Time challenge - few teachers or speakers to teach and they are already busy with programs. Also the Travel time on the ferry back n forth island to mainland. community members want to learn - we do not have anyone in our direct community that is a fluent speaker of the language Demand is high