Add LNA 1 and 2s

1. In this Help page, we use the acronym LNA for 'Language Needs Assessment'.
2. There are two types of LNAs: LNA1 is filled out for each Language your community (or communities) you are reporting upon. LNA2s are filled out one for each community.

A. Log in to the Language Map

To access the LNA system, you will need an Account and Password. Contact Alex ( if you do not have an Account.

A1 Point your Firefox or Chrome browser at
A2. Click the ‘Account’ link
A3. Enter your Account (or email address) and password
A4. Forget password? Click on the 'Request new password' link.

B. Review your LNA1 Surveys

Upon login, you will be taken to your Account page, with a table showing existing LNA

B1. All your LNA1 survey forms are listed in a table at the bottom of your Account page.
B2. Click on an LNA1 title to view / edit
B3. Fill out a new LNA1 survey

C. Review your LNA2 Surveys

C1. All your LNA2 survey forms are listed in a table at the bottom of each LNA1 page
C2. Each LNA1 has one or more LNA2 surveys. Click on an LNA2 title to view / edit
C3. Fill out a new LNA2 survey for this LNA1