ʼNa̱mǥis First Nation

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The ʼNa̱mǥis originally lived at a site called Xwa̱lkw (Cheslakees) but they now live in Alert Bay.

Community information

Population on reserve: 0
Population off reserve: 0
Total population: 0

Language information

The Namgis First Nation speaks the Kwak'wala language.

Historically known as:

(250) 974-5556
(250) 974-5900

LNA 1s

Title Submitted Organization/First Nation/Government Language
LNA6370 - 'Na̱mg̱is First Nation Submitted 'Na̱mg̱is First Nation Kwak̓wala
LNA6311 - ̱'Na̱mg̱is First Nation Submitted ̱'Na̱mg̱is First Nation Kwak̓wala
LNA6149 - SD85 & Tsasala Cultural Group Submitted SD85 & Tsasala Cultural Group Kwak̓wala
LNA6146 - T̓łisa̱lagi’lakw School Submitted T̓łisa̱lagi’lakw School Kwak̓wala
LNA5948 - UBC Faculty of Forestry Submitted UBC Faculty of Forestry Kwak̓wala