Language: Kwak̓wala
Dialect: T̕łat̕łasiḵ̕wala A
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Historically known as: Tlatlasikwala First Nation

Contact Information:
Tlatlasikwala First Nation
PO Box 578
Port Hardy, BC
V0N 2P0
ph. (250) 949-5751
fx. (250) 949-5741

The T̕łat̕łasiḵ̕wala (Tlatlasikwala) First Nation) have their main village on Xwa̱mdasbeʼ (Hope Island).

Language Information

The T̕łat̕łasiḵ̕wala First Nation speaks the T̕łat̕łasiḵ̕wala dialect.

Community Information

Population: 491

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