Language: SecwepemctsĂ­n
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Historically known as: Skeetchestn Indian Band

Contact Information:
Skeetchestn Indian Band
PO Box 178
Savona, BC
V0K 2J0
ph. (250) 373-2493
fx. (250) 373-2494

"The Skeetchestn Indian Band has nearly 500 members, and 7969 hectares of land that is sectioned into 3 areas in the Deadman's Creek and Thompson River area."1

Language Information

Fluent Speakers: 12 2
Understand or Speak Somewhat: 42 2
Learning Speakers: 27 2

Community Information

Population: 522 2

"Many Skeetchestn band members are involved in the annual rodeos, pow wows, and other social and sporting events. Skeetchestn hosts healing gatherings and living skills workshops as well. The large attendance at these events attest to the organizational skills and dedication of the community. Both social and spiritual well being is promoted by such gatherings."1

Footnotes / References
1. quoted from
2. Skeetchestn Indian Band (2014), Language Needs Assessment #3440