Language: Secwepemctsín
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Historically known as: North Thompson Indian Band

Contact Information:
Simpcw First Nation (formerly North Thompson Indian Band)
PO Box 220
Barriere, BC
V0E 1E0
ph. (250) 672-9995
fx. (250) 672-5858

"The Simpcw are a division of the Secwepemc, or Shuswap, who occupied the drainage of the North Thompson River upstream from McLure to the headwaters of Fraser River from McBride to Tete Jeune Cache, over to Jasper and south to the headwaters of the Athabasca River. The Simpcw speak the Secwepemc language, a Salishan language, shared among many of the First Nations in the Fraser and Thompson River drainage."1

Language Information

Fluent Speakers: 3 2
Understand or Speak Somewhat: 14 2
Learning Speakers: 50 2

Community Information

Population: 691 2

"Today about half of the over six hundred Simpcw people live on the Simpcw First Nation Indian Reserve at Chu Chua just north of Barriere and on the Louis Creek Reserve. Many band members are employed in the forest industry as mill workers and loggers. The band owns a small sawmill. The Simpcw First Nation employs many members in various capacities."1

Footnotes / References
1. quoted from
2. Secwepemc Cultural Education Society (2014), Language Needs Assessment #3128