Dakelh (ᑕᗸᒡ) Resources

Community Identified Resources

First Nation Resource Info
Nadleh Whut'en1Nadleh Whut'en Carrier Work Book oneInfo
Nadleh Whut'en1Nadleh Whut'en Carrier Work Book twoInfo
Nadleh Whut'en2Dictionary (in progress)Info
Nadleh Whut'en2Nadleh Whut'en Workbook 2Info
Nadleh Whut'en2Nadleh Whut'en Workbook 1Info
Nadleh Whut'en3Elders started a book and a dictionary a few years backInfo
Nak'azdli Band4Our way of knowing 2006Info
Nak'azdli Band5Hoduleh Ts'e Tizya-Talking BookInfo
Nak'azdli Band5HanayehInfo
Nak'azdli Band5Central Carrier Grammar SketchInfo
Nak'azdli Band5Nak'azdli Bughuni 2 Workbook Info
Nak'azdli Band5Nak'azdli Bughuni 2 -Language Primer 2Info
Nak'azdli Band5Nak'aẕdli Bughuni 1 WookbookInfo
Nak'azdli Band5Nak'aẕdli Bughuni 1- Language Primer 1Info
Nak'azdli Band5Nak'al Bun Whudakelhne Bughuni: Bilingual classroom dictionary Info
Nak'azdli Band5Central Carrier Bilingual DictionaryInfo
Nak'azdli Band4Teachers Manual and Lesson PlansInfo
Nak'azdli Band4Nak'azdli Bughuni workbook 1 & 2Info
Nak'azdli Band4Nak'azdli Bughuni reader 1 & 2Info
Nak'azdli Band2Carrier Prayer and Hymn bookInfo
Nak'azdli Band2Our way of KnowingInfo
Nak'azdli Band2Teachers' Manual and Lesson PlanningInfo
Nak'azdli Band2Dakelhne poems and songsInfo
Nak'azdli Band4Carrier alphabet charts, grammar sketch sheetsInfo
Nak'azdli Band4Bilingual dictionaryInfo
Nak'azdli Band4Carrier Prayer & Hymn book (2005)Info
Nak'azdli Band4Central Carrier BiblesInfo
Nak'azdli Band6Carrier Linguistics SocietyInfo
Nak'azdli Band5Shas Oobut Nduda'-Talking BookInfo
Nak'azdli Band2Nak'azdli Elders Speak - bookInfo
Nak'azdli Band2Central Carrier maps and songs (records)Info
Nak'azdli Band2Central Carrier biblesInfo
Nak'azdli Band2Carrier alphabet, charts, grammar, sketch sheetsInfo
Nak'azdli Band4Central Carrier maps, and songs (records)Info
Nazko First Nation7Atsoo and I - by Laura BoydInfo
Nazko First Nation7My Home forever - by Laura BoydInfo
Nazko First Nation7For Someone Special - by Laura BoydInfo
Nazko First Nation7The Blue Dinosaur - by Stuart AlecInfo
Nazko First Nation8My Home ForeverInfo
Nazko First Nation8Dakelh KeyohInfo
Nazko First Nation8For Someone SpecialInfo
Nazko First Nation8Elder VoicesInfo
Saik'uz First Nation3Dictionary, history tapesInfo
Saik'uz First Nation2Carrier-English/English-Carrier Dictionary of the Saikuz dialectInfo
Saik'uz First Nation2Carrier Language books and cassette tapesInfo
Saik'uz First Nation2Language CurriculumInfo
Saik'uz First Nation2Salmon or the Smokehouse - videoInfo
Saik'uz First Nation2Chunlak Story - videoInfo
Saik'uz First Nation2The Warmth of Love: The Four Seasons of Sophie Thomas - videoInfo
Saik'uz First Nation2Plants and Medicines of Sophie Thomas - bookInfo
Saik'uz First Nation9Language curriculumInfo
Saik'uz First Nation9Carrier language books and cassettesInfo
Saik'uz First Nation9Carrier language dictionaryInfo
Stellat'en First Nation10Kidfish websiteInfo
Stellat'en First Nation10Nouns, animals, colors, objects in home and numbersInfo
Stellat'en First Nation10Curriculum phast 1Info
Takla Lake First Nation2Oral recordings (vocabulary lists, stories, video clips, songs)Info
Takla Lake First Nation11Vocabulary listsInfo
Takla Lake First Nation11Songs of Johnny West - video of drummingInfo
Tl’azt’en Nation 12BooksInfo
Tl’azt’en Nation 13Drumming and Singing CD’s Info
Tl’azt’en Nation 13Numbers and Colors SheetsInfo
Tl’azt’en Nation 13School Curriculum (Some)Info
Tl’azt’en Nation 12Audio DiscInfo
Tl’azt’en Nation 12DVD'sInfo
Tl’azt’en Nation 14Place names and Keyoh in CarrierInfo
Tl’azt’en Nation 14Carrier AlphabetInfo
Tl’azt’en Nation 14Legends in Both Carrier and EnglishInfo
Tl’azt’en Nation 15Fluent SpeakersInfo
Tl’azt’en Nation 16Natural Resource Office Info
Tl’azt’en Nation 2dictionaryInfo
Tl’azt’en Nation 2booksInfo
Tl’azt’en Nation 12EldersInfo
Tl’azt’en Nation 17carrier readersInfo
Tl’azt’en Nation 18Resources are kept at the Treaty office, Eugine Joseph elementary school and with the Carrier linguitic society.Info
Tl’azt’en Nation 19cultural research material housed at the Natural Resource OfficeInfo
Tl’azt’en Nation 19but this material is not accessible to community - raw data, noInfo
Tl’azt’en Nation 19final productsInfo
Ts'il Kaz Koh (Burns Lake)3We have just trnascribed books ourselves for the children in the communityInfo
Ulkatchot'en20Dictionary in progressInfo
Ulkatchot'en20Scope and sequenceInfo
Ulkatchot'en21Writing systemInfo
Ulkatchot'en21Ulkatcho mini dictionaryInfo
Ulkatchot'en20Video tapesInfo
Ulkatchot'en20Audio tapesInfo


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