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Tsilhqot'inA - Chilcotin
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First Nation Resource Info
Tl'etinqox-T'in Government Office1legendsInfo
Tl'etinqox-T'in Government Office2Elders/Adults who are fluent speakers will speak to youths/othersInfo
Tl'etinqox-T'in Government Office2Games in Tsilhqot'in AInfo
Tl'etinqox-T'in Government Office2Lehal game instructions - developed in 2007Info
Tl'etinqox-T'in Government Office3TPRInfo
Tl'etinqox-T'in Government Office3Denisiqi Services Society Books,CDInfo
Tl'etinqox-T'in Government Office4Tsilhqot'in Songs by Bella AlphonseInfo
Tl'etinqox-T'in Government Office4Tsilhqot'in PrayerInfo
Tl'etinqox-T'in Government Office4Women that turned to stone legendInfo
Tl'etinqox-T'in Government Office5Curriculum material developed by Bella AlphonseInfo
Tl'etinqox-T'in Government Office5Salmon Boy LegendInfo
Tl'etinqox-T'in Government Office1 Info
Tl'etinqox-T'in Government Office1Body partsInfo
Tl'etinqox-T'in Government Office1WordlistInfo
Tl'etinqox-T'in Government Office1basic vocabularyInfo
Tsi Del Del6Elders Info
Tsi Del Del6Fluent SpeakersInfo
Tsi Del Del3Chilcotin Written materialInfo
Tsi Del Del3Books and CInfo
Tsi Del Del3Chilcotin Written MaterialInfo
Tsi Del Del3Books and CD By Denisiqi Services SocietyInfo
Tsi Del Del3Books & Cd’sInfo
Tsi Del Del4Books Translated, TPR Info
Tsi Del Del4Traditional ValueInfo
Tsi Del Del6Chilcotin Word ListInfo
Tsi Del Del6Total Physical ResponseInfo
Tsi Del Del6Chilcotin PhenologyInfo
Tsi Del Del6First Voices websiteInfo
Tsi Del Del7Chilcotin written materialInfo
Tsi Del Del7Books and CD by Denisiqi ServicesInfo
Tsi Del Del6Chilcotin AlphabetInfo
Ulkatchot'en8Scope and sequenceInfo
Ulkatchot'en8audio tapesInfo
Ulkatchot'en8video tapesInfo
Xeni Gwet'in5Traditional Medicines book by Maryann SolomonInfo
Xeni Gwet'in3Chilcotin Language Readers & Work Books #1-5Info
Xeni Gwet'in3TPR Language SetInfo
Xeni Gwet'in3Chilcotin Language Scope & SequenceInfo
Xeni Gwet'in3Traditional Values BookInfo
Xeni Gwet'in3Chilcotin Picture DictionaryInfo
Xeni Gwet'in4Grades 1-5 Chilcotin work books by Linda SmithInfo
Xeni Gwet'in4Picture Dictionary "Beghad Jigwedetaghel?anx" Info
Xeni Gwet'in4First Voices on-lineInfo
Xeni Gwet'in9Minimal Immersion curriculumInfo
Xeni Gwet'in9Minimal Chilcotin Language program curriculumInfo
Xeni Gwet'in9The Tsilhqot'in (William) case - November 2007Info
Xeni Gwet'in9The medicine bookInfo
Yunesit'in1026 Tsilhqot'in Grade One Immersion Books (Created/Translated)Info
Yunesit'in4Published BookInfo
Yunesit'in12Traditional Values Gathering information bookletInfo
Yunesit'in12Chilcotin [traditional] stoiresInfo
Yunesit'in12Nenqayni chi'ih/ech/eyalt&g Readers (1-5)Info
Yunesit'in12Nenqayni chi'ih/ech/eyalt&g Workbooks (1-5) Info
Yunesit'in12Placenames of StoneInfo
Yunesit'in12/Esqax gha Destl'es Ghanagwelyax (1-2) Fun book for childrenInfo
Yunesit'in12Stoney StoriesInfo
Yunesit'in12Deni Ghanidats'egughilex Gigwedetaghan 1/anx (learning about law)Info
Yunesit'in12Shen songsInfo
Yunesit'in10Placenames of Stone, Maria MyersInfo
Yunesit'in10Nenqayni Ch’ih Ech’ede’ijez Workbooks (1-5), Maria MyersInfo
Yunesit'in10Nenqayni Ch’ih Ech’eyaltιg Readers (1-5), Maria MyersInfo
Yunesit'in10Chilcotin [traditional] stories, June WilliamsInfo
Yunesit'in10Traditional Values Gathering Information Booklet, William MyersInfo
Yunesit'in13Deni Ghanidats’egughilex Jigwedetaghanl7anx (Learning about the Law), William MyersInfo
Yunesit'in13Shen ‘Songs’, Linda SmithInfo
Yunesit'in1383 Tsilhqot'in Kindergarten Immersion Books (Created/Translated)Info
Yunesit'in13Beghad Jigwedetaghel7anx (Picture Dictionary), Linda SmithInfo
Yunesit'in11flash cardsInfo
Yunesit'in10Deni Ghanidats’egughilex Jigwedetaghanl’anx (Learning about the Law), William MyersInfo
ʔEsdilagh14Tsilhqot'in nationInfo


Yinka Déné Language Institute's page on the Tsilhqot'in language:
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  1. Laceese, L. & G. Johnny (2008, Sept. 9). Interview with Francis Laceese & Georgina Johnny. Interviewed by Towagh Behr. First Peoples' Heritage, Language, & Culture Council
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