Language Needs Assessment: Daylu Dena Council

Funding Applcation: BC Language Initiative (BCLI)
Assessment Year: 2012/2013
Language: Danezāgé’
Dialect: English name


Daylu Dena Council
Marilyn Miller, Social Dirctor

This project will serve the following communities:

Daylu Dena Council

Community Population

Date of community's recent population poll: 2010, January
Population on reserve: 170
Population off reserve: 125
Total Population: 295
Information Source: Band List and a continued update.
The Kaska population continues to grow as the members that relocated several years ago are now beginning to return to their community with larger families of their own.

Community Language Fluency

Number that speak and understand language fluently 6
Age groups that speak the language fluently 20-24 (1), 25-44 (1), 45-54 (1), 65-74 (3)

Number that understand and/or speak somewhat 2
Age groups who understand and/or speak somewhat 55-64 (1), 75-84 (1)

Number that do not speak or understand the language 287
Number of people learning the language 0
Age groups that are learning the language

Total Number 295