Hailhzaqvla Resources

Community Identified Resources

First Nation Resource Info
Heiltsuk Nation1Adult language classesInfo
Heiltsuk Nation1QggsInfo
Heiltsuk Nation1Hailkilazs SasmaqusInfo
Heiltsuk Nation2Waglisla Adult Learning Centre - Hailzaq 040Info
Heiltsuk Nation2WALC - Hailzaq 050 Info
Heiltsuk Nation2WALC - Language E-Books - Animals, Clothing, Body parts, Interactive SongsInfo
Heiltsuk Nation2Bella Bella Community School Resource list Info
Heiltsuk Nation2Waglisla Adult Learning Centre Info
Heiltsuk Nation3Heiltsuk Dictionary Info
Heiltsuk Nation3CDsInfo
Heiltsuk Nation3bookletsInfo
Heiltsuk Nation4Heiltsuk Dictionary - hard copy and sound filesInfo
Heiltsuk Nation4Bella Bella TalesInfo
Heiltsuk Nation4Raven Tales series 1-12Info
Heiltsuk Nation4Multimedia- local pictures, cd's, dvd'sInfo
Heiltsuk Nation4locally developed materials and lessonsInfo
Heiltsuk Nation4Heiltsuk picture books with words locally developedInfo
Heiltsuk Nation4Heiltsuk IRP Gr 5-10, 11,12Info
Heiltsuk Nation4Creation storiesInfo
Heiltsuk Nation4mapsInfo
Heiltsuk Nation5Full set of lanauge books features cultural activitiesInfo
Heiltsuk Nation5Lanauge picture booksInfo
Heiltsuk Nation5CD's musicInfo
Heiltsuk Nation5Various selctions of other language booksInfo
Heiltsuk Nation5Other cultural materialsInfo
Heiltsuk Nation5ArtifactsInfo
Heiltsuk Nation5StoriesInfo
Heiltsuk Nation5Land UsageInfo
Heiltsuk Nation5Miscellaneous literatureInfo
Heiltsuk Nation5Developing a practical orthographyInfo


Bibliography of Materials on the Heiltsuk Language

Heiltsuk Language Programme

Oowekyala Segmental Phonology (technical linguistic paper)