Sm̓algya̱x Resources

Community Identified Resources

First Nation Resource Info
Gitxaala Nation1Sm'algyax dictionary online Info
Gitxaala Nation1Sm'algyax dictionaryInfo
Gitxaala Nation1School District 52 Sm'algyax Curricular materialsInfo
Gitxaala Nation1Maalskm Gitxaala Children Stories (GEM product)Info
Kitsumkalum Band Council2Cards, pictures, lessons Info
Kitsumkalum Band Council2BooklestInfo
Kitsumkalum Band Council2Dayaam Maalska Galts'ata Gitsumgalum - localInfo
Kitsumkalum Band Council3Suwilaaw Aksa Sm'algyak, Learning Sm'algyakInfo
Kitsumkalum Band Council3Visible Grammar: Ts'msyen Sm'algyax Grammar ResourcesInfo
Kitsumkalum Band Council3Sm'algyax Dictionary: English to Sm'algyax, Sm'algyax to EnglishInfo
Kitsumkalum Band Council3Sm'algyax Language CD'sInfo
Kitsumkalum Band Council4People of the RobinInfo
Kitsumkalum Band Council4Robintown Stories (7 Books)Info
Kitsumkalum Band Council4Sm'algyax to English & English to Sm'algyax Dictionaries with CD'sInfo
Kitsumkalum Band Council4Visible GrammarInfo
Kitsumkalum Band Council4Two Whale StoriesInfo
Kitsumkalum Band Council5Sm'algyax DictionariesInfo
Kitsumkalum Band Council5Sm'algyax IRPInfo
Lax Kw'alaams Band6Learning resources - past joing project with other communitiesInfo
Lax Kw'alaams Band6Dictionary - past joint project with other communitiesInfo



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