Gracie John

Vanderhoof, Gracie John.jpg

Gracie John grew up with the language, taught and promoted the language throughout her adult life and began teaching in the schools in 1975.

She has learned to read and write the language and is invaluable in our efforts to develop curriculum materials for both preschool and K–12 as well as for adults.

Gracie is very careful about getting everything she develops in Dakelh right and will spend many hours making sure what she is contributing is without error.

Presently Gracie is working with our Carrier Language teacher, Karen Thomas, to develop curriculum materials for both FirstVoices and for the classroom. They have gone over reams of material correcting any errors and then formatting the material for both print and audio recordings.

We are also looking at establishing a DSTC language program in Saik'uz to pass on Gracie knowledge as well as that of our other Elders that are knowledgeable about the language. Gracie wants very much to be a part of this process and will most likely be responsible for much of the teaching and mentoring of the students who enroll in this program should we be fortunate enough to mount the program.

Nominator: Deborah Page