Gertrude Ned

Language: St̓át̓imcets

Home: Lillooet
Years Working Towards Language Revitalization: 30+

Gertrude started a St'at'imc language program in the three public schools in Lillooet when no such programs were happening in the province. She volunteered her St'at'imc language teaching for a number of years and then was hired by the school district to teach at a very nominal fee for her services.

She has been involved with language revitalization for many years, teaching leaders, young people and all of those who wanted to learn the language. She has worked tirelessly to promote language learning - even to the town's pharmacist!

Gertie has been a curriculum developer and language immersion camp instructor for six years in the Lillooet area. She champions language immersion as a means of teaching and learning the language.

As part of the language authority, she has edited St'at'imc publications, has been involved in the development of two St'at'imc dictionaries, and has done countless activities relating to St'at'imc language.

She is a respected Elder in St'at'imc territory and known in linguistic circles as a fluent St'at'imc speaker and valued language advisor.  

Nominated by Nora Greenway