Language: St̓át̓imcets
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Ticwtkwa also goes by the name of Georgina Nelson

Home: Lil'wat, Mount Currie
Years Working Towards Language Revitalization: 30+ years

Ticwtkwa Georgina Nelson speaks fluently to her many grand and great-grandchildren. She is always available by telephone, email and in person to help with language speaking.

Ticwtkwa Georgina has been working on reviving our language and culture since 1971. In 1971 she realized that the public school was not working for some of our Lil'wat children. She believed that the children needed to be immersed in their own traditional language and culture. She started lobbying for funding to build a new school and to train our own teachers.

Georgina always stated, "Without our language and culture we would no longer be a Lil'wat People." She has striven to keep the language and culture alive for over 30 years.

Over the years she has been involved in any activity that had to do with education, language or culture. She was a big part of the Band taking over our own education and the development of the new school. She served on the Board of Education for years and still does today, and she pushed to start an immersion school, which continues to flourish. She is recently working with a team to develop a Language Authority to include 11 Bands. Georgina is a language champion for her family, her community, and her province.

She is a language champion at the international level, as well. Dr. Budd L Hall, former Dean of Education at the University of Victoria, adds, “Georgina Nelson was invited as a ‘Mother Tongue’ language specialist to work with the staff of the Mpambo Afrikan Multiversity in Busoga, Kingdom, Uganda. She spoke to them of her work in Mt. Currie and the importance of keeping Mother Tongue languages alive. Her words and experience had a powerful impact on the staff and community in the village of Isegero.”

Nominated by Lois Joseph