Sm'ooygit Gitxoon

Language: Sm̓algya̱x
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Sm'ooygit Gitxoon also goes by the name of Alex Campbell

Home: Prince Rupert
Years Working Towards Language Revitalization: Many

Alex Campbell, whose traditional name is Sm'ooygit Gitxoon, is involved leading a Rediscovery Program for students that uses language, historic events of First Nations peoples, stories, songs, traditional foods, and the teaching of toomsk, or "respect."

He has been teaching the language for years with little ones and high school students. He also works with university students learning the Sm’algyax language. He is a great role model to all and he is fun to learn from.

Knowledgeable about music, stories, and traditional law, he gives a great deal of his time to the service of the communities, allied tribes, political events, land claims, and the Canoe Journey. He has been the Tsimshian speaker for the outlying villages.

He is a great language teacher.

Nominated by Lorraine Green