Daisy Major

Language: Nłeʔkepmxcín
Daisy Major.JPG

Home: Coldwater IR #1
Years Working Towards Language Revitalization: 77

Daisy Major is a Coldwater Indian Band Elder, mother of 6 adult children, grandmother to her own and many others, eldest sister to 6 brothers and sisters, aunt and cousin to many, and an active community participant. She is also a dependable Elder of the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology (NVIT) Elder Group Advisor Committee, and she gives support and encouragement to the students and staff alike. She still enjoys driving her car and thoroughly enjoys being out in the mountains and gathering her berries and medicines.

Daisy Major is one the first to be called upon for any Nlakap’mauxcin planning team to help other language learners to read, write and say the words correctly. Through her active participation and generous support she has made many significant contributions to all Nlakap’maux / Scw'exmx language projects through the gathering of Nlakap’mauxcin words/phrases, stories or any traditional and cultural knowledge gathering information.

Even though she has little formal education, she is very highly educated in her language and traditional ways. She is a very patient, valuable coach who gives positive, constructive feedback to encourage better language speaking and improved writing skills. Although she does not read nor write in the language, she expects the learner to get the word / phrase written down correctly! Learners of all ages look to her to give them positive feedback and to look for new challenges to help themselves to grow even better.

With her calm patience, quiet sense of humour, positive attitude, practical knowledge, positive expression, traditional and cultural knowledge, Daisy is truly a respected Nlakap’mauxcin Champion!

Nominated by Bernice Garcia