Tse’khene Resources

Community Identified Resources

First Nation Resource Info
Kwadacha1Oral StoriesInfo
Kwadacha1FN Langauge Essentials TPR-Chief Ahtam SchoolInfo
Kwadacha1Tsekene Dictionary-in developmentInfo
Kwadacha2k-12 Ministry of Education IRP'sInfo
Kwadacha2Tse'kene Dictionary -in developmentInfo
Kwadacha2FN language essential TPR-Chief Ahtam schoolInfo
Kwadacha2Cultural projectsInfo
Kwadacha2Tse'kene History Textbook-in developmentInfo
Kwadacha2First Voices language archiveInfo
Kwadacha1Tsekene History Textbook-in developmentInfo
Kwadacha1Cultural ProjectsInfo
Kwadacha1K-12 Ministry of Education IRP'sInfo
McLeod Lake3Sekani Bilingual Dictionary, published 1996Info
McLeod Lake4Hand made booksInfo
McLeod Lake3Fort Ware Dictionary, unpublished 1985/86Info
McLeod Lake325 one-hour DVD's of Tse'khene storiesInfo
McLeod Lake3Tse'khene Language Handbook, unpublished 2004Info
McLeod Lake5The recordings were given to an Elder residing in the Prince George area. We are still currently wating for confirmation that he has them. Info
McLeod Lake5FirstVoices Archive.Info
McLeod Lake5Curriculum Materials have started to be developed.Info
McLeod Lake6Sekai Bilingual DictionaryInfo
McLeod Lake625 one hour DVD's of Tse'khene storiesInfo
McLeod Lake6Tse'khene Language HandbookInfo
McLeod Lake4first voicesInfo
McLeod Lake4language master and cardsInfo
McLeod Lake4language bingoInfo
McLeod Lake4flash cards/misc teaching tools/labelsInfo
McLeod Lake4postersInfo
McLeod Lake4white boards/chalk boardsInfo
McLeod Lake4calendarsInfo
McLeod Lake4Tse'Khene DictionaryInfo
McLeod Lake4Language teachersInfo
McLeod Lake7Sekani bilingual dictionary, 1996Info
McLeod Lake7Fort Ware dictionary, Sharon Hargus, unpublished, 1985/86Info
McLeod Lake712 one hour DVD's of Tse'khene storiesInfo
McLeod Lake7Tse'khene language handbook, unpublished, 2004Info
Tsay Keh Dene8In progress of using linguistic's material.Info
Tsay Keh Dene8In progress of creating cd's of language & storiesInfo
Tsay Keh Dene8Flash cards with pictures.Info
Tsay Keh Dene8In Progress - Books on animal names.Info
Tsay Keh Dene8In progress, working on community particpation. Info
Tsay Keh Dene8In progress - on digitizing the Sekani dictionary & stories.Info