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First Nation Resource Info
Homalco First Nation1An intermediate level textbook, currently being developedInfo
Homalco First Nation1Historical and language recordingsInfo
Homalco First Nation1the Xwemalhkwu Language TextbookInfo
Homalco First Nation1A workbook-dictionary to compliment the text bookInfo
Klahoose First Nation2certified teachersInfo
Klahoose First Nation2First Voices On WebInfo
Klahoose First Nation3Books ,C'Ds and videosInfo
Klahoose First Nation3Radio stationInfo
Klahoose First Nation3Language Nutration BingoInfo
Klahoose First Nation3Three Flent SpeakersInfo
Klahoose First Nation3FirstVoices On WebInfo
Klahoose First Nation4BooksInfo
Klahoose First Nation4Info
Klahoose First Nation5Childrens bookInfo
Klahoose First Nation6Language radio programInfo
Klahoose First Nation6Language bingoInfo
Klahoose First Nation6Regular language classesInfo
Klahoose First Nation7Video Language curriculum Info
Klahoose First Nation7Imac computer w/ recording software and recoprding equipment Info
Klahoose First Nation5Orthography (Alphabet book)Info
Klahoose First Nation5Numbers BookInfo
Klahoose First Nation5language bingoInfo
Sliammon First Nation8First Voices websiteInfo
Sliammon First Nation8Book: Mink marries BarnacleInfo
Sliammon First Nation8Book: Mink & PitchInfo
Sliammon First Nation8Book: Mink & EagleInfo
Sliammon First Nation9Set of CD's with booklets (dictionary)Info
Sliammon First Nation9set of CD's - stories, teachings in the languageInfo
Sliammon First Nation10First VoicesInfo
Sliammon First Nation11k-gr 12 curriculum guide Info
Sliammon First Nation11language CD's Info
Sliammon First Nation11Published books on trade activitiesInfo
Sliammon First Nation9Set of 6 primary readersInfo
Sliammon First Nation9set of hymns - bookletInfo
Sliammon First Nation9Binder with CD's and written songs in ayajuthumInfo
Sliammon First Nation8BinderInfo
Sliammon First Nation8Klah ah men DVDInfo


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