Nazko First Nation

Language: Dakelh (ᑕᗸᒡ)
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Historically known as: Nazko Indian Band

Contact Information:
Nazko First Nation
PO Box 4129
Quesnel, BC
V2J 3T2
ph. (250) 992-9085
fx. (250) 992-7982

The main community of the Nazko First Nation is approximately 120 km west of Quesnel on the Nazko River. Nazko means, "river flowing from the south". Nazko is the Gateway to the Nuxalk A Carrier Grease-Alexander Mackenzie Heritage Trail. The Nazko area is well known for its Ranching history.

Language Information

Fluent Speakers: 23 1
Understand or Speak Somewhat: 25 1
Learning Speakers: 11 1

Community Information

Population: 361 1
Internet Connectivity: High-Speed2

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