Mama̱liliḵa̱la / Qwe'Qwa'Sot'Em

Language: Kwak̓wala
Dialect: Kwak'wala
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Historically known as: Mamalilkulla-Qwe'Qwa'Sot'Em Band

Contact Information:
Mamalilikulla-Qwe'Qwa'Sot'Em Band
1441A Old Island Hwy
Campbell River, BC
V9W 2E4
ph. (250) 287-2955
fx. (250) 287-4655

The Mama̱liliḵa̱la A are originally from ʼMimkwamlis (Village Island).

Language Information

Fluent Speakers: 20 1
Understand or Speak Somewhat: 40 1
Learning Speakers: 25 1

The Mamalilkulla-Qwe'Qwa'Sot'Em Band speaks the Kwak'wala dialect.

Community Information

Population: 350 1
Footnotes / References
1. First Nation (2013), Language Needs Assessment #2932

Audio Clip References
A. Mama̱liliḵa̱la - Hunt, L. (2008, Aug. 27). Interview with Lorraine Hunt.