Language: Tse’khene
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Historically known as: Fort Ware Indian Band

Contact Information:
Kwadacha Band
207-513 Ahbau St
Prince George, BC
V2M 3R6
ph. (250) 563-4161
fx. (250) 563-2668

The Kwadacha Nation (home of the Tsek'ene people) is located at Fort Ware, approximately 570 km north of Prince George in British Columbia, Canada. The village lies at the confluence of the Fox, the Kwadacha, and Finlay rivers in the Rocky Mountain Trench.1

Language Information

Fluent Speakers: 19 2
Understand or Speak Somewhat: 40 2
Learning Speakers: 82 2

Community Information

Population: 500 2
Internet Connectivity: High-Speed3

In 1992 a logging road from Mackenzie was extended as far as Fort Ware. The travel time from Fort Ware to Prince George by road is from eight to ten hours depending on road and weather conditions. This makes Fort Ware one of the most isolated communities in British Columbia.4

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