Kitselas First Nation

Language: Sm̓algya̱x
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Historically known as: Gitselasu

Contact Information:
Kitselas First Nation
Site 44 Comp 24 RR 2
Terrace, BC
V8G 3Z9
ph. (250) 635-5084
fx. (250) 635-5335

Language Information

"One area of focus of Giselasu culture is the promotion and teaching of Sm̓algya̱x. The Gitselasu have formed a partnership group with the Kitsumkalum called the Kitselas-Kitsumkalum Language Authority. The role of the Language Authority is to promote the teaching of language. The value of understanding Sm'algyax for Tsimshian people is that a language serves to conceptualize ideas as well as experience. The more you can conceptualize the world from one's own culture the better one can understand that world view."1

Community Information

Population: 5372

Footnotes / References
1. quoted from
2. Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (2008). First Nation Registered Population.