SXIMEȽEȽ (Esquimalt)

Language: SENĆOŦEN / Malchosen / Lkwungen / Semiahmoo / T’Sou-ke
Dialect: Lekwungen
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Historically known as: Esquimalt Nation

Contact Information:
Esquimalt Nation
1189 Kosapsum Cres
Victoria, BC
V9A 7K7
ph. (250) 381-7861
fx. (250) 384-9309

SXIMEȽEȽ (Esquimalt) people's main reserve is in the municapality that bears an anglicised version of their name - Esquimalt. Their traditional territory is on the southern tip of Vancouver Island and surrounding waterways and islands.

Language Information

Fluent Speakers: 1 1
Understand or Speak Somewhat: 55 1
Learning Speakers: 36 1

The SXIMEȽEȽ people speak the Lekwungen dialect. This dialect is similar to the SENĆOŦEN , Malchosen, Semiahmoo, and T’Sou-ke dialects.

Community Information

Population: 288 1
Internet Connectivity: High-Speed2

The SXIMEȽEȽ people...

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