Canoe Creek

Language: SecwepemctsĂ­n
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Historically known as: Canoe Creek Band

Contact Information:
Canoe Creek Band
General Delivery
Dog Creek, BC
V0L 1J0
ph. (250) 440-5645
fx. (250) 440-5679

"Canoe Creek Band is made up of two communities, Dog Creek that is where the administration office is located and Canoe Creek. Both communities are located in a semi remote area southwest of Williams Lake on the east side of the Fraser River. The infamous Gang Ranch is located directly across the river from Canoe Creek IR #3. "1

Language Information

Fluent Speakers: 7 2
Understand or Speak Somewhat: 20 2
Learning Speakers: 41 2

Community Information

Population: 725 2

Footnotes / References
1. quoted from
2. Spi7uy Squqluts Language and Culture Society (2014), Language Needs Assessment #3143